Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Track one of Will's SCUBA diving soundtrack

This piece of video is from our man Kyle's senior recital.  He's a big boy now, and to prove it, he arranged one of his songs for a string quartet, 2 guitars, piano, and a choir!  His mom was there, she brought cookies, his dad played first violin, and I'm sure tears were shed.
Our friend Sam Bennett (prodigy filmmaker, and trumpet player in Sex God Cowboys) flip camera'd the thing for us, and we put up a few mics in the room so ya'll could sink your teeth into this musical piece of chocolate cake.

The reason I titled this post as such was because this song gives me the sudden urge to go for a dive in some dark, warm, Caribbean, sharkless, sea water.
Hoping you feel the same,

P.S.  There's been some talk at the apartment of turning this gem into a full-fledged We Are Not Bears song!  oohwhee!  I know, right?

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