Tuesday, May 4, 2010

7" Split with Trails: almost out of the oven!

That's right, our 4 song split with our colleagues/business partners/buds Trails is almost done!  Mastering's done, plating's done, and duplication's done.  We just need to design a label for the center of the disc and a graphic for the sleeve.
Our ABR counterparts Zona Mexicana and Elemeno just released their 7" split and it sounds awesome.  It's freakin' surreal to hear those good old vinyl pops and hisses in conjunction with that new sounding music.
Anyway, I put together a little teaser of the We Are Not Bears/Trails split just to give you something to chew on until we release it.  There it is.  Go ahead.  Don't be shy now.

The records (yes, VINYL) will be available for just $7 and there might even be some free downloads.
If you don't buy them, the hipsters will...

Please save our records from becoming hipster wall decor (or earrings for this guy) by giving them a good, loving home.

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