Sunday, March 21, 2010

WPKN Broadcast: now suspended in time!

Hey there, internet!
Dreadfully sorry that we haven't been able to post in a while, things have been pretty busy here at We Are Not Bears camp.  Between writing, practicing, our personal lives, having crime-fighting alter egos, and becoming zombies for one night this week,
the internet can sometimes be pushed to the back of our minds (except maybe Kyle's).
Anyway, for those of you who MISSED our appearance on Jim Motavalli's show on WPKN last week,
here's the interview in four fun-sized chunks for ya.

WPKN interview Part 1:

WPKN interview Part 2:

WPKN interview Part 3:

WPKN interview Part 4:

Allrighty people, you'll hear from us again soon.
In the meantime check out this band called toe, then get some sun on that pasty ass of yours.
Much love, Will.

Monday, March 8, 2010

We Are Not Bears, on WPKN, for REAL this time!

Doods and Doodettes:

I know it was supposed to be the second week in February. And then the fourth. But honestly, and you can quote/site/annotate/MLA format me on this, We Are Not Bears is playing live on WPKN tomorrow, March 9th. We will be playing new and old tunes, talking about upcoming releases, and discussing global relations in an ever-digitizing world. One of those things isn't actually happening (can you spot the goose? A HOO HOO HOO HOO!). So, sit your lazy ass down in that computer chair, 8PM SHARP, and visit WPKN's website to stream us live to your notebook/netbook/smartphone/smartpad/maxipad/computing device! It's gonna be a fun show - you won't want to miss the tom-foolary that will inevitably ensue.

'Till then,

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Illest Of The Illz: Music Preview With We Are Not Bears

evSo it's come to my attention that the Gorillaz will indeed release a third studio LP. In fact, it's already out! I just finished my first listen through, and I must say, I'm a little confused. What you'd expect is still here; big name cameos (Lou Reed, Mos Def, Snoop Dog) are accounted for, as well as the signature whispy chorus hooks of 2-D and Murdoc's pounding bass lines. Yet something is off...and I can't put my finger on it. It seems that Plastic Beach is more of an environment oriented album, and less of a collection of chart-worthy singles. Most every cut could hypnotize a dance hall ruckus - huge sweeping synths, DnB booty shakin' beats - but it seems like the prerequisite to get in the club is a member's only jacket and day-glo socks. Don't get me wrong...this isn't some thoughtless Brooklyn synth-pop wannabe record. It's just different. Check out the single for yourself:

You can stream the whole album here as well.

WANB is still writing for a full-length LP, and will be playing a few shows in NYC this March. Click here for dates!